Country Girls Second Single Release

16 Jul

So with a very surprising exit of a fan favorite member, Shimamura Uta, just a month before the edited version of Country Girl’s new single: Hesitating Summer Time (tamerai summer time). (Information on the idol’s departure will be at the end of the post).

Hesitating Summer Time is a lighthearted single that really showcases the ‘pure’ personalities in Country Girls. What really surprised me was that Inaba Manaka was put in the center of the dance shot and not Momoko. I personally was expecting Country Girls to be a buffer on Momoko’s career and having the younger members just be singing back up dancers. I’m thoroughly glad that Tsunku is making use of the talent in the group and hopefully there will be more diversity in the future.

Here are the official costumes for Country Girls’ new release:

Momoko Tsugunaga

Momoko TsugunagaMomoko Tsugunaga

Yamaki Risa

Yamaki RisaYamaki Risa

Inaba Manaka

Inaba AikaInaba Aika

Morito Chisaki
Morito Chisa NozomiMorito Chisa Nozomi

Ozeki Mai

Ozeki MaiOzeki Mai

I’m expecting to see another Music Video added onto the spoiler that was added the other day just because these outfits was never used in the video for Summertime. I especially love the pictures of Chisaki because it’s different from the other’s poses and it really showcases her personality. I’m also interested in Mai’s outfit choice, it looks like she will be the Haruka of Country Girls. The link with the MV spoiler and the radio rip will be added below, if you enjoy what you see please support the idols and purchase an audio download or the physical copy once it is released!

(you may have to skip to :20 if video link isn’t working properly)

**The reason why Uta has left Country Girls was because of a contract issue between UFA and the Shimamura family.


Angerme Audition

11 Jul

So, this is going to be a short post for the moment and I wasn’t thinking about posting so early into the week and everything but, I feel like this important. While learning how to navigate the Hello Project website I found a really cool thing that I wasn’t expecting. Angerme is holding auditions for a new generation

I’m not really sure how I feel about this just because they just added new members not even a year ago and I’m still learning their names. But I’m thinking that this is also a good sign because it could show that AGM is growing as a group and is getting more popular after the name change. I’m just really hoping that Tsunku isn’t squeezing out all of the money he can get from them until they’re dried up.

Here is the link for the page I found about the audition if you want to check it out:

Guess who’s back!

10 Jul

Hey guys, it’s been a few years, hasn’t it? I’ve matured some, went out of Hello! Project, went back into it, and so on. I’ve decided that H!P is still in my heart even after all of these years of vaguely following the groups. My favorite blogssince then have been shutting down one by one since then do I decided to try this blog up yet one more time. Maybe my followers from before will come, maybe nobody will see it. I’m just excited to become close with my favorite members again and being able to share information with other fans who may not have the time.
Well, I’m going to go around and gather credible websites to gather news from and then I will start posting. If you’re interested please comment or follow! I will also be updating the H!P Birthday page and hopefully make it more organized.

C-ute 21st Single Radio Rip Released

6 Mar

So, C-ute’s 21st single- Crazy Kanzen na Otona (A Crazy Perfect Adult) as been released! I’m quite surprised that C-ute is releasing yet another single with Kono Machi still being pretty new. Then again, all of H!P seems to be releasing right now…

This is clearly more of a Dance-Club song which is great saying that their last single was a ballad. It’s pretty forgettable in my opinion since the instrumental is pretty mediocre. So, I’m pretty excited to see if this sells well or not. This seems to be mostly Airi but, I’m hearing quite a bit of Nakky and Mai.


Though this doesn’t sound like a C-ute perfection single compared to what they’ve been releasing lately; hopefully this sells as well as their past ones! The release date is set for 4-3-13.


I’m SO Sorry Guys!

6 Mar

Hey everybody, it’s me again. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been here in well, forever. However, I’m finding more free time in my schedule and plan on start this blog up again! Starting with a quick updating of the H!P Birthday page! So, please come back weekly to check for my point of view on MV’s, members etc. I may not be the best but, I really hope that I have one or two people that will still listen to my useless rants to Tsunku! Thank you~!

Updates~! :D

27 Jul

So~! Here’s the finals for the 2 polls! ^.^


Question: Who is the better Rokkie?

Takana Reina- 58.33%  (7 votes)

Michishige Sayumi- 41.67%  (5 votes)

Total: 12 votes


Congrats Tanaka! 😀


Least Favorite Member:

Tsugunaga Momoko-    0%  (0 votes)

Sayashi Riho-                71.43%  (10 votes)

Tanka Reina-                28.57%  (4 votes)


Congrats Momoko and Reina! And errp Riho? Sorry. ._.


Here’s the next poll~! 😀


Question: Do you like how Ikuta is changing her color to Green?


Also, for an update for the least favorite member! What I’m going to do for that is first find the 2 least favorite member in each group. Then put those members together! (If it sounds kind of ocnfusing, you’ll get what I’m trying to do soon!)

Group #1- C-ute

Good luck members! 😀




S/mileage’s Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki Radio Rip!

27 Jul


FINALLY! The next S/mileage single! ^.^ So, the song’s verses really reminds me of C-ute’s Kirai de Kirai de Kirai~. But, once the chorus kicks in, it has it’s own cute, stylish and cool feel to it! I really love this because it does show a face of S/mileage. And, I have to say this. Meimi sounds beautiful in this! I never heard her voice like this. Whatever she’s doing, she should do way more often! 😀 Also, I love how the ‘Back-Girls’ get lines too! (Rina and Kana) Although, the lines seem very….choppy. >.<


Anyways, I’m over excited to see the MV for this! I’m expecting a LOT from this single! Congrats S/mileage~! ^.^