Updates~! :D

27 Jul

So~! Here’s the finals for the 2 polls! ^.^


Question: Who is the better Rokkie?

Takana Reina- 58.33%  (7 votes)

Michishige Sayumi- 41.67%  (5 votes)

Total: 12 votes


Congrats Tanaka! 😀


Least Favorite Member:

Tsugunaga Momoko-    0%  (0 votes)

Sayashi Riho-                71.43%  (10 votes)

Tanka Reina-                28.57%  (4 votes)


Congrats Momoko and Reina! And errp Riho? Sorry. ._.


Here’s the next poll~! 😀


Question: Do you like how Ikuta is changing her color to Green?


Also, for an update for the least favorite member! What I’m going to do for that is first find the 2 least favorite member in each group. Then put those members together! (If it sounds kind of ocnfusing, you’ll get what I’m trying to do soon!)

Group #1- C-ute

Good luck members! 😀





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