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S/mileage’s New Song Released!

30 Jun


        So, more information on S/mileage’s new single has been released! The title is: “Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki.” (I love you, stong rebellious age) So, I am expecting slightly cute lyrics with a strong instrumental. This picture has a small preview of what the outfits will look like. I do think that they are very cute and that they do fit S/mileage’s style perfectly! However, I can’t say that I like how the outfits are all the same. I personally love it when the members get their own ‘splash’ to what they get to wear. But, I still love them! So, the first single to this is defiantly original S/mileage.


There is a little tweak of difference to this however. They are doing a cover of a C-ute song! Now, this is a surprise to me! When I heard that they are to cover: “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” I was like: How many covers of that song are they going to do?? (I guess that Tsunku really love that single…) I would never guess that S/mileage, with their squeaky voice and all, would ever do a ballad song like “Kimi wa…”! There is a preview of it from a Movie that they are going to star in:  Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro. (A truthful ghost story: Mimibukuro) And, to get off topic, their acting really isn’t that bad! ^.^


So, in conclusion, this will be an interesting single and I hope that everybody gets a chance to listen to it soon!




S/mileage’s cover of “Kimi wa…” preview: (And their new movie!)




29 Jun

Minna-san, don’t forget to watch C-ute’s new concert on YouTube tomorrow! ^^ For me, I have to go to bed super early (It starts at5:30! There’s no way I’m going to miss this xD) but, some of you guys are luckier than me for this.

Please continue to support C-ute~! 😀


Berryz Koubou ‘Cha Cha Sing’ Solo Pictures Released!

29 Jun

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, a lot of things have been getting in the way lately! >.< Anyways, let’s start! (^_^) So~ Berryz’ new single: Cha Cha Sing, was released a little while ago! It was confirmed by Tsunku that it will be a cover of the original Taiwanese song. I did look it up on YouTube and it’s a great song~! ^^ It’s really great because it’s traditional beat but, the lyrics make it sound more hip hop/rap. I mostly hope that the version that Berryz will be singing in will be Japanese so at the very least I can get the idea of what it’s about and hopefully be able to translate it once to romaji comes out! 😀





Momoko Tsugunaga:

Kawaii Kawaii Momo-chi~! Even though I do hope that she looses the pig tails VERY SOON, I still like this picture a lot. I don’t think that she will loose them soon at all because it is a symbol for Momo-chi for her to be cute. It also gets her on a lot of verity shows and interviews.


Shimizu Saki:


This does fit Shimizu well but, her face seems a little boring for this pose and this outfit. Although, I do love the spunky-ness in her full body pose! 😀


Sudou Maasa:

Sudou looks great! There really isn’t anything to say but this picture other than it’s adorable! ^^ But, in the close up picture her shirt reaches down to her skirt. In the full body, it shows her whole torso! xD


Kumai Yurina:

In my opinion, Kumai looks the best in these pictures! This style just suits her so well!^^ Although, I would love to see her with wavy and/or curly hair! 😀 It seems like she always has her hair like that. >.<


Natsuyaki Miyabi:

I have to admit, Miya always looks so pretty! And she always has the presence for innocence with a slight bit of sexiness! I like her hair short way better though, that pixie look was amazing~!


Tokunaga Chinami:

Adorable-ness= 100%! The close up shot makes look again, innocent. But, the full body shot makes her look bold! Even though, it looks almost exactly to Shimizu’s shot…… (All of the full body shots are either with the bold legs or the legs right next to each other with their heels up…)


Sugaya Risako:

I left this one last for a reason….. Oh gosh, where do I start???? Risako defently has the best poses but, HER HAIR!!!! It looks like she oculdn’t decide on dying her hair Blonde or Brown so she just went in the middle, it looks gray. Plus, she has those annoying “hair balls” behind her crown. WHY?!?!!?!?!?!? >.<


Over all, most of the pictures look great! It kind of looks like they’re punk princesses, who are ready to go to the beach! (The shoes) I’m really excited for this single and I hope that everybody will support their new song~!






S/mileage’s 11th Single Announced!

25 Jun

So~ S/mileage’s new single has just been announced! There really isn’t any other information on it though! So, I guess that all we can do is simply wait and see what’s going to happen. I’m personally really excited because S/mileage always has these cute and unique songs that just about everybody can relate to! Plus every time I hear that a new H!P group is coming out with a new song, I always right away think of what the theme is based on the title, what the outfits will look like and, of course, try to picture what the MV/PV will end up like!


I hope that everybody continues to support S/mileage and their new single!


Berryz Koubou and C-ute’s version of Chou Happy Song!

25 Jun

Look what I found~ It’s group solo versions of Chou Happy Song! Tell me what version you like better… (^_^) I personally like the C-ute version better not because of the voices (Saki’s voice sticks out a LOT and well… sounds like she’s singing out of her nose! XD) but, because the quality is so much better! Enjoy~


Berryz Koubou Version:


C-ute Version:

Radio Rip for 9 Gen.’s Aisaretai no ni…” Released!

24 Jun


This is a great release for MM! I think so because it really showcases the underdogs of 9 gne.- Mizuki and Suzuki! I love when I get to hear Zukki’s voice in a song, it’s so different from the other high pitched voices that take over MM! Although, Eripon doesn’t get that much lines at all! She isn’t my favorite member of the 9 gen. but, I was kind of surprised when I didn’t hear that much of her voice. I hope that when the full rip of this song comes out I’ll hear more of it!


This was a great idea for Tsunku to give out a personal song to the 9 gen.! 9 gen. is my favorite gen. in MM history so, I love this single!! When they all sing together it blends so well! Especially with Zukki being the base with her slighty deep voice, unlike the other gen.’s. I can’t really say what I like and don’t like about this song but, I’ll defiantly finish this review once the full version comes out! Until then………


Sayashi Riho 1230Fukumura Mizuki 1230



New YouTube Video!

22 Jun

Hey everybody! I’m going to start doing promoting my fansubs on WW!P now! (^_^) Ok, so~ if you don’t know already I have 2 fansubbing accounts- HPfansubs0516- active and XOcutie901- unactive.  I do take requests (H!P and UFA only, sorry) if you want me to do a song for you! Just make sure to have A. The English translation (Or the official lyrics for it if you can’t find something already translated) B. The video you want me to subtitle. I used to take requests without the video but, most of the time there wouldn’t be a video out there for me to work on. So, that pushed aside, I’m first going to post MM’s One Two Three MV! (With English subtitles!)