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C-ute 21st Single Radio Rip Released

6 Mar

So, C-ute’s 21st single- Crazy Kanzen na Otona (A Crazy Perfect Adult) as been released! I’m quite surprised that C-ute is releasing yet another single with Kono Machi still being pretty new. Then again, all of H!P seems to be releasing right now…

This is clearly more of a Dance-Club song which is great saying that their last single was a ballad. It’s pretty forgettable in my opinion since the instrumental is pretty mediocre. So, I’m pretty excited to see if this sells well or not. This seems to be mostly Airi but, I’m hearing quite a bit of Nakky and Mai.


Though this doesn’t sound like a C-ute perfection single compared to what they’ve been releasing lately; hopefully this sells as well as their past ones! The release date is set for 4-3-13.



I’m SO Sorry Guys!

6 Mar

Hey everybody, it’s me again. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been here in well, forever. However, I’m finding more free time in my schedule and plan on start this blog up again! Starting with a quick updating of the H!P Birthday page! So, please come back weekly to check for my point of view on MV’s, members etc. I may not be the best but, I really hope that I have one or two people that will still listen to my useless rants to Tsunku! Thank you~!