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Updates~! :D

27 Jul

So~! Here’s the finals for the 2 polls! ^.^


Question: Who is the better Rokkie?

Takana Reina- 58.33%  (7 votes)

Michishige Sayumi- 41.67%  (5 votes)

Total: 12 votes


Congrats Tanaka! 😀


Least Favorite Member:

Tsugunaga Momoko-    0%  (0 votes)

Sayashi Riho-                71.43%  (10 votes)

Tanka Reina-                28.57%  (4 votes)


Congrats Momoko and Reina! And errp Riho? Sorry. ._.


Here’s the next poll~! 😀


Question: Do you like how Ikuta is changing her color to Green?


Also, for an update for the least favorite member! What I’m going to do for that is first find the 2 least favorite member in each group. Then put those members together! (If it sounds kind of ocnfusing, you’ll get what I’m trying to do soon!)

Group #1- C-ute

Good luck members! 😀





S/mileage’s Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki Radio Rip!

27 Jul


FINALLY! The next S/mileage single! ^.^ So, the song’s verses really reminds me of C-ute’s Kirai de Kirai de Kirai~. But, once the chorus kicks in, it has it’s own cute, stylish and cool feel to it! I really love this because it does show a face of S/mileage. And, I have to say this. Meimi sounds beautiful in this! I never heard her voice like this. Whatever she’s doing, she should do way more often! 😀 Also, I love how the ‘Back-Girls’ get lines too! (Rina and Kana) Although, the lines seem very….choppy. >.<


Anyways, I’m over excited to see the MV for this! I’m expecting a LOT from this single! Congrats S/mileage~! ^.^


25 Jul

SO SORRY! Sorry that I was inactive for a while! My stupid Violin Instructor put me through living hell this week. T-T (Not to mention that I have Music Camp in about 2 weeks! And, Summer Homework T-T) Anyways, the rest of the Summer is going to be unpredictable so bear with me~! >< I’m back to posting and, working on updates for the site!

S/mileage’s New Profile Pictures!

20 Jul

The new Profile Pictures have been put out! And, with it being a S/mileage I’m SO excited for this! I’m going to de solo reviews for this though since every outfit is the same. :/


Fukuda Kanon


Wada Ayaka


Tamura Meimi


Katsuna Rina


Takeuchi Akari


Nakanishi Kana

So far, I’m loving this single! First of all, the style of it all. These outfits, even though they are the same for each member, are beyond perfect. The skirts and the hat show to cute-sy side of S/mileage. Which we all know, is what bulids S/mileage. Then there the accessories, patches on the jackets and the style of the dress itself, show the cool image of this song! The dresses are perfect, the members are perfect^^ and the poses are perfect for this single! I have no complanits~ 😀

Berryz Kobo & C-ute Spring Concert DVDs & Blu-Ray Covers!

19 Jul

So~ the covers for teh C-ute conert and the Berryz Kobo concert have been relased!


The most obvious part about this cover is that it shows the members singing. (Of course) But, what I really like about that point is that it shows some members with each other rather than just solo pictures. Which, gives the cover a more friendly and fun look to it! But, what I don’t like is the Over-Sized title on it. I think that the Title would of looked so~ much better if they put it in the center area. Instead of on top of the members faces.

What I don’t really get about this cover is the theme/logo. The logo just looks way too much like MSNBC (<–) to me! I guess that’s where the whole station thing comes from? I’m not sure, if you have any idea where the heck they got that from please leave it in the comments! 😀


Even though this picture is really small, there’s still a lot to look at. The main point that I love about this is that the Title isn’t too big nor is it too small! It’s the perfect size to be noticeable but, still give the Members the spotlight. And the only other thing that I can think about pointing out is how much it focuses on the 70’s. With the Title style, Logo and Outfits it’s clear that that’s the main theme~! ^.^


18 Jul

Hey guys! This doesn’t have to do with polls but~, I have something that I would love to share with all of you guys! 😀 I’m trying to start a H!P Confession blog on Tumblr! 😀 And of course, nobody at all knows of it! >.< So, if you guys could do me a favor and try to help me get on my feet and try it out? And maybe~ you could try to spread the word about it so I can get some followers? 😀 Thanks~!

H!P Confessions–

                                                                  –Jacqui (ZuttoLove)

Yet another new group?!?!?!?!

16 Jul

UFA has officially announced that they are starting yet another group to their family! And, even though it’s not a H!P annoucment, it’s pretty interesting and it could have some ties with them.

An interesting point that really tied me into this is that they are looking for a new band (Roxy Girls) and not just a singer. Which, isn’t like H!P or UFA. But, a great improvement to UFA/H!P overall! Anyways, not only will the winners receive a record deal with UFA but~ 100,000 Yen! *.*

I think that this is a perfect idea since UFA is giving all sorts of artists a chance to make it big! The age requirement is 15 and over and it’ll take place on September 15th! Here’s a video giving information on it all~ (Well, if you can read Kanji :/)

I wish the best of luck to all of the girls who plan on trying out for Roxy Girls~! 😀