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Country Girls Second Single Release

16 Jul

So with a very surprising exit of a fan favorite member, Shimamura Uta, just a month before the edited version of Country Girl’s new single: Hesitating Summer Time (tamerai summer time). (Information on the idol’s departure will be at the end of the post).

Hesitating Summer Time is a lighthearted single that really showcases the ‘pure’ personalities in Country Girls. What really surprised me was that Inaba Manaka was put in the center of the dance shot and not Momoko. I personally was expecting Country Girls to be a buffer on Momoko’s career and having the younger members just be singing back up dancers. I’m thoroughly glad that Tsunku is making use of the talent in the group and hopefully there will be more diversity in the future.

Here are the official costumes for Country Girls’ new release:

Momoko Tsugunaga

Momoko TsugunagaMomoko Tsugunaga

Yamaki Risa

Yamaki RisaYamaki Risa

Inaba Manaka

Inaba AikaInaba Aika

Morito Chisaki
Morito Chisa NozomiMorito Chisa Nozomi

Ozeki Mai

Ozeki MaiOzeki Mai

I’m expecting to see another Music Video added onto the spoiler that was added the other day just because these outfits was never used in the video for Summertime. I especially love the pictures of Chisaki because it’s different from the other’s poses and it really showcases her personality. I’m also interested in Mai’s outfit choice, it looks like she will be the Haruka of Country Girls. The link with the MV spoiler and the radio rip will be added below, if you enjoy what you see please support the idols and purchase an audio download or the physical copy once it is released!

(you may have to skip to :20 if video link isn’t working properly)

**The reason why Uta has left Country Girls was because of a contract issue between UFA and the Shimamura family.


Momochi’s New Single MV Preview Released. . . . . . .

16 Jul

Okay so, probably all of you guys know Momochi’s ‘character’. And, of course, she’s getting her own single due to her intense amount of popularity lately. So naturally I was expecting something like this..

For everybody out there who hasn’t heard the song, I highly recommend that you DON’T. It’s not as bad as I thought that it would be. But, it’s defiantly child-ish and extremely catchy. And, the dance is more probably the most simple, cute, and child-ish that I’ve ever seen from a H!P song. But, that’s up to the person.

With it being Momochi, the Preview is very, pink. Which, isn’t THAT bad. ;D Another thing that I like about it is, there are lyrics at the bottom! So~ it made it very easy for me to translate it! 😀


“Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meoooooooooow~!

If Momochi says she’s sorry, then of course, the world will be at peace!

For me, please be energetic, Japan!


For being so cute, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being so naïve, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being so hyper, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For having a perfect personality, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

Forgive me, me-ow! Forgive me, me-ow! I’m being serious,

me-ow, meow, meow!

For being a bit cheeky, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being way to sexy, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being everybody’s idol, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

Forgive me, me-ow! Forgive me, me-ow! I’m being serious,

me-ow, meow, meow!

For being so perfect, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For having a late-reaction smile, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being a serious student, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

I’m a normal person too! Forgive me meow! (Meow!)

Forgive me, me-ow! Forgive me, me-ow! I’m being serious,

me-ow, meow, meow!

For my lack of emotions, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For being bleak at home, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For when I’m not my pink-est, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For the days where I don’t smile, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

Forgive me, me-ow! Forgive me, me-ow! I’m being serious,

me-ow, meow, meow!

“But, Momochi is trying her best!”

Even on the days when my tummy hurts, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

On the days when my pinky gets annoying, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For not liking kids, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

For wishing this song to end, forgive me meow! (Meow!)

“Daddy , Mommy,

This side of Momochi,


Please forgive ME!

(“So NOW she doesn’t say it?!”)

Forgive me me-oe, meow, meow!

“One more time!”

Forgive me me-ow, meow, meow!


Forgive me me-ow, meow, meow!

All in all, I”m actually pretty excited to see the MV for this. I just want to see what Tsunku is thinking ._.

Cha Cha Sing MV Released!

11 Jul

Hey guys, sorry for the delay! I was just working on updates for the site. ^.^ I hope that you guys enjoy them! 😀 Also, here’s a little heads up: if you guys have any tips at all that can make this blog any better, please feel free to tell me! I want to make this an informative place to go and I love more updates. 😀 That’s all~.

So, here’s my first impressions! At first I was expecting a somewhat crappy MV after seeing One Two Three. But, there really aren’t that much flaws that I can point out on this MV!

Dance Shot:

I think that the dance is very interesting! There are moves that I do question though. xD And, even though the whole Dance Shot isn’t out yet, I can already see that it’s going to be a strong one! 😀

Music Video:

In the general MV there are some things that I really want to point out! First, the lyrics that they added into the Music Video. I really like this because in Japanese singles you can never tell when they are saying in English and what they are saying in English. But, they added English words in the Music Video like ‘Sing a song!’ and, ‘Let’s go!”. Which, aren’t much but, still can tell a lot from what the song is about. ^.^ This MV clearly is off of Thai culture! And, I’m not familiar with Thai culture at all. T_T (The only time I’ve ever seen anything Thai is the Hangover Part 2 :P). But, the amount of culture really does stand out and build this MV! Like, the colourful-ness of that Dance Shot, the Thai numbers at one point of the song, and, the dance moves!

The only complain that I have about this MV is the horrible quality. It seems like every H!P MV has bad quality. (I would really love some HD ;D)

Over all, I have to give this release in general: a 8/10/4 Stars. I would’ve loved to hear less Miya and Risako. I personally expected more Momo but, it seems like her lines were split up with Yurina a little. Which is great, the more members singing, the merrier. ^.^