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Country Girls Second Single Release

16 Jul

So with a very surprising exit of a fan favorite member, Shimamura Uta, just a month before the edited version of Country Girl’s new single: Hesitating Summer Time (tamerai summer time). (Information on the idol’s departure will be at the end of the post).

Hesitating Summer Time is a lighthearted single that really showcases the ‘pure’ personalities in Country Girls. What really surprised me was that Inaba Manaka was put in the center of the dance shot and not Momoko. I personally was expecting Country Girls to be a buffer on Momoko’s career and having the younger members just be singing back up dancers. I’m thoroughly glad that Tsunku is making use of the talent in the group and hopefully there will be more diversity in the future.

Here are the official costumes for Country Girls’ new release:

Momoko Tsugunaga

Momoko TsugunagaMomoko Tsugunaga

Yamaki Risa

Yamaki RisaYamaki Risa

Inaba Manaka

Inaba AikaInaba Aika

Morito Chisaki
Morito Chisa NozomiMorito Chisa Nozomi

Ozeki Mai

Ozeki MaiOzeki Mai

I’m expecting to see another Music Video added onto the spoiler that was added the other day just because these outfits was never used in the video for Summertime. I especially love the pictures of Chisaki because it’s different from the other’s poses and it really showcases her personality. I’m also interested in Mai’s outfit choice, it looks like she will be the Haruka of Country Girls. The link with the MV spoiler and the radio rip will be added below, if you enjoy what you see please support the idols and purchase an audio download or the physical copy once it is released!

(you may have to skip to :20 if video link isn’t working properly)

**The reason why Uta has left Country Girls was because of a contract issue between UFA and the Shimamura family.


S/mileage’s New Profile Pictures!

20 Jul

The new Profile Pictures have been put out! And, with it being a S/mileage I’m SO excited for this! I’m going to de solo reviews for this though since every outfit is the same. :/


Fukuda Kanon


Wada Ayaka


Tamura Meimi


Katsuna Rina


Takeuchi Akari


Nakanishi Kana

So far, I’m loving this single! First of all, the style of it all. These outfits, even though they are the same for each member, are beyond perfect. The skirts and the hat show to cute-sy side of S/mileage. Which we all know, is what bulids S/mileage. Then there the accessories, patches on the jackets and the style of the dress itself, show the cool image of this song! The dresses are perfect, the members are perfect^^ and the poses are perfect for this single! I have no complanits~ 😀

Outfits for Buono!’s New Song Released!

7 Jul

Buono~! 😀 Buono! has finally given us a little bit of information for this new song. Although, there has been thing floating around that these outfits are not for a new Single but, to just promote a new album. I actually hope that those are true! Single= 1 Great song and another iffy song.   Album= At least 3 great songs.^^ (Yay album~ ;D)

Anyways, let’s start with Miya.

This outfits defiantly portrays her ‘sassy’ personality. The shirt, skirt and gloves represent the diva-ish side of her. (I love the buttons on her skirt! It adds to the effect.) While, the bow, bracelet and earrings shows the sweet caring side of her. 😀 I also love how she doesn’t have bangs. Bangs are cute and all but, it seems like almost every H!P member wears bangs. (Kawaii, kawaii Miya-chan! :D)

Next is the Beautiful Airi~

Airi kind of goes under the same line as Miya. She looks sweet and cute (More than Miya) and a little stylish. The thing that pops out the most for me is: 1. The hair! I wouldn’t think at all the Airi would try out that look. But, she pulls it off perfectly~! This outfit is probably my favorite one out of all of them. Everything about it just screams ‘AIRI!!!!’

Last but, not least; Momochi!!

😀 NO. ANGEL FLOP THING-IES! I gotta say, she looks 10x cuter without whatever she tries to do with her hair. Anyways, this outfit makes her look like a modern princess. Her dress, shall, jewelry, pose, everything looks perfect on her! The hair is defiantly the best part though. I love how much detail they put into it. With the braids going back into a hair bop and the bow to top it all off!

Over all, these are the outfits I’ve been waiting for! It looks like the members choose them themselves. It expresses them the way that costumes can’t.

The release date for their 2nd min-album is set for 8/22.

Don’t forget to reserve a copy! 😀