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C-ute 21st Single Radio Rip Released

6 Mar

So, C-ute’s 21st single- Crazy Kanzen na Otona (A Crazy Perfect Adult) as been released! I’m quite surprised that C-ute is releasing yet another single with Kono Machi still being pretty new. Then again, all of H!P seems to be releasing right now…

This is clearly more of a Dance-Club song which is great saying that their last single was a ballad. It’s pretty forgettable in my opinion since the instrumental is pretty mediocre. So, I’m pretty excited to see if this sells well or not. This seems to be mostly Airi but, I’m hearing quite a bit of Nakky and Mai.


Though this doesn’t sound like a C-ute perfection single compared to what they’ve been releasing lately; hopefully this sells as well as their past ones! The release date is set for 4-3-13.



Berryz Kobo & C-ute Spring Concert DVDs & Blu-Ray Covers!

19 Jul

So~ the covers for teh C-ute conert and the Berryz Kobo concert have been relased!


The most obvious part about this cover is that it shows the members singing. (Of course) But, what I really like about that point is that it shows some members with each other rather than just solo pictures. Which, gives the cover a more friendly and fun look to it! But, what I don’t like is the Over-Sized title on it. I think that the Title would of looked so~ much better if they put it in the center area. Instead of on top of the members faces.

What I don’t really get about this cover is the theme/logo. The logo just looks way too much like MSNBC (<–) to me! I guess that’s where the whole station thing comes from? I’m not sure, if you have any idea where the heck they got that from please leave it in the comments! 😀


Even though this picture is really small, there’s still a lot to look at. The main point that I love about this is that the Title isn’t too big nor is it too small! It’s the perfect size to be noticeable but, still give the Members the spotlight. And the only other thing that I can think about pointing out is how much it focuses on the 70’s. With the Title style, Logo and Outfits it’s clear that that’s the main theme~! ^.^